Triton Canned Cod Liver on the North Pole

In January 1998 two Icelandic adventurers went on foot across the ice to the South pole. Triton was proud to sponsor their adventure by supplying them with Canned Cod Liver Pate for their trip. The high energy content of the cod liver and Omega3 content provided much needed nutrition for the journey.




From the Vault

From time to time we will be publishing newspaper clippings from Triton's history under the category "From the Vault".

Triton was founded in 1977 by Dr. Örn Erlendsson. Before establishing Triton, Dr. Örn was the director of Sölustofnun Lagmetisiðnaðarins which was created in May 1972. Sölustofnun Lagmetis was a sales organisation founded by decree of the Icelandic parliament - Alþingi with the owners being the Icelandic state and 18 (of 24 registered) canned food producers. The objective of the organisation was to oversee the sales and marketing on behalf of the canning companies, especially to those countries where the state was the main buyer. 
The joint sales volume of the 18 members accounted for a total of 98% of the total export of canned and preserved seafood from Iceland at the time.